Our three self service locations allow for customers to directly dismantle, recover and purchase auto parts. We have an extensive inventory of vehicles and easy-to-find, quality used parts.

New vehicles arrive daily, which keeps our inventory fresh so that we have the parts you need at the best price. When visiting our Self Service locations you will be assisted in locating vehicles with parts that are compatible for your needs. Often multiple vehicles have the sameĀ  parts so our team will assist you in locating every possible option. You will then proceed to remove the parts from the vehicle for yourself.

This option is a great alternative for those do it yourselfers who have the part knowledge to remove parts at even lower price. If you would rather have parts that have already been removed, please check our full service inventory.

We purchase vehicles in any state for any reason.

Processing unwanted vehicles helps to keep the communities we serve clean and green! We purchase vehicles in any condition on the spot. If you have a vehicle that you would like to sell for any circumstance please call any of our locations and we would be happy you give you a quote

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